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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Swarovski toggle beaded and button lariat tutorial

 Materials i used: 1 Purple swarovski cosmic 20mm square "volcano"
Tan and cream buttons
Purple crackled glass 8mm beads
1mm diameter brown waxed cord

You could use any open toggle heart, swarovski cosmic circle, sterling silver hammered circle etc.  TIP make sure beads or buttons you are using will fit through the toggle. On this one i made my buttons smaller towards bottom of lariat so they would fit through. 

 Step 1 - Double over your 1mm waxed cord.  I had about 60 inches in total of cord doubled was 30.  Then thread two ends together through crystal and and back up through the loop of other end of cord (larkshead knot).

 STEP 2 - Make knot on one thread then add bead then tie another knot to secure in place.  I used stacked 3 buttons on other thread and knotted either side too.   

TIP if you have trouble fitting cord through bead cut end on a diagonal to make a point rather than straight across i used embroidery sharp scissors for this. If you use pearls you might need silk thread so look at your materials before starting.


  STEP 3 - Alternate on the threads with beads and stacked buttons.  I realised the buttons i was using were bigger than diameter of toggle so kept adjusted and made buttons small on second half of lariat so they would go through.  

TIP Make sure beads or buttons or crystals whatever you are using on end of lariat has enough weight on it and length to stay threaded through lariat toggle.  If you make short lariat and put little lightweight buttons they may come out!

Lariats can vary in length anything from 30 " to 50".  If you make longer one they can wrap around neck as choker and you could have the ends hanging down your back if you wear a nice backless dress for instance which looks unusual.  

I would probably make a lariat with sterling silver chain for that just buy flat cable chain 26" possibly and hang off crystal or pendant off centre with jump ring then on two ends add jump rings and 2 other crystals or beads or whatever you are using.  You can use chain,suede,organza and make other styles of LARIAT once you have made one.  Just use your imagination.  I finished off the end beds by just knotting twice under the bead this time and leaving small 1/2" cord.



Pressed flowers fridge magnets

I have been for lovely walk today at Willsbridge Mill in Bristol.  Its so tranquil there, they have a lovely little wild garden and pond there and bubbling stream where the children can mess about in their wellies.

We collected some flowers today and have pressed them into flower fridge magnets  I have one set available to buy via my facebook page at the moment.  

I made these using a flower press from The Feltworks a lovely shop on Folksy 

We used buttercups, grass, daisies,salvia and cowparsley i am not sure what the little blue flower is offhand but do tell me if you know!

Jenny x

Monday, 18 July 2011

How to make twist wire bracelet

STEP 1 - Firstly select beads you want to use, smaller beads will give more dainty bracelet. I used green agate, malachite chips, green cats eye beads and toho beads for this project.  I used 26 gauge silver coloured florist wire you will need about 4ft x 2.
STEP 2 - Use one length 26 gauge wire at a time.  Leave tail of about 6 inches place on bead i usually use round one on wire.

STEP 3 - Cross wires right under the bead as shown in the photo, then twist 3 times using thumb and forefinger.

STEP 4 - Twisted bead will be held in place on 26 gauge wire now.  Take a finger space between this bead and the next one and do same mixing up beads and shapes as you go to create interest.

STEP 5 - Mix up seed beads and round beads the closer the beads the more wire you will use.  Check length around your wrist you will need extra as you will intertwine the 2 strands later. 

STEP 6 - Repeat with other strand. Leave tails of 6" either end.

STEP 7 - Grasp two ends and make Y shape then twist with thumbs and forefingers about 1/2 "

 STEP 8 - You need enough twisted wire to be able to make a loop with round nose pliers.

STEP 9 - Twist loop with round nose pliers and bring two ends around base of it to secure. (You could add lobster clasp at this point if you want to. so it is secured onto the loop and cannot come off.

STEP 9 - Plait and intertwine the two strands (careful not to overtwist or the wire will snap) and then the two ends by the twisted wire loop you will individually weave one at a time amongst beads until left with about 1" wire then use round nose pliers to create nice neat coil and tuck in amongst beads.  Do this with all four ends. 

STEP 9 - You will see i have added jump rings to the twisted wire loops you made and a mobius love knot (intertwined jump rings) and clasp to add some decoration to the bracelet.

You could make a necklace in the same way as this but longer length too and its great little project to use up all those little beads you have left over.  

Time to make : approx 30 to 45 mins.  Level Beginner to intermediate.  

Thank you.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fabric button panda bear bracelet

In honour of my new bracelet Purple Panda bear fabric button bracelet i am typing my blog in purple.

I've just made this bracelet wasn't sure about it, but went ahead, quite pleased with how it turned out.  Novel, original quite fun and will get noticed when worn.  The little pandas faces are so cute.  

Ta ra for now Jenny x

Sunday, 10 July 2011


We did it.  Today we ran the 5km Race for Life in Bristol at 11.00.  It was very hot.  I ran with my two oldest nieces Elisha and Kyra and we all did well.  Elisha has a 5 month old son and Kyra a 1 1/4 year old son and me 2 children.  Despite no training we all did respectable times.

Here is our before shot.  We did not do an after shot!

I think between us we may have raised around £300.00. I may take up running now just have to fit it into my busy life!

Jenny x

Saturday, 9 July 2011


I have not had time to blog for nearly a month now with different school and home projects to do.  But tomorrow is RACE FOR LIFE.

I am running with my nieces in Bristol 5km so hoping it will be sunny day.  

I have raised i believe around £180.00 thank you to all who donated. Looking forward to the atmosphere there tomorrow.

Jenny x