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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Love stamped toe ring

Love stamped ring by greensladejenny
Love stamped ring, a photo by greensladejenny on Flickr.

We have just started to make our popular sterling silver toe rings. This one has Love stamped on it but you can have a name or other word if you like. They make a geat overlooked jewellery accessory in spring,summer and autumn with the bonus of being able to wear them on your little finger in winter when your feet are all wrapped up.

Jenny x


  1. Those are beautiful. How much are they? Id love one for the summer.
    Annie x


  2. These toe rings are £12.00 you can view some on our Folksy shop http://folksy.com/shops/LittleRedRobin

    believe,amor and love one isn't listed yet. Any name or word can be stamped.


  3. Thank you :) I'll pop over and get one in the spring when the weather is a bit warmer. x