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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Pressed flowers fridge magnets

I have been for lovely walk today at Willsbridge Mill in Bristol.  Its so tranquil there, they have a lovely little wild garden and pond there and bubbling stream where the children can mess about in their wellies.

We collected some flowers today and have pressed them into flower fridge magnets  I have one set available to buy via my facebook page at the moment.  

I made these using a flower press from The Feltworks a lovely shop on Folksy 

We used buttercups, grass, daisies,salvia and cowparsley i am not sure what the little blue flower is offhand but do tell me if you know!

Jenny x

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  1. Lovely Jenny!!They look great. I hope someone loves them & they get snapped up.The blue is probably speedwell or chickweed - need a closer look!Raid your neighbours'gardens - pansies are good & anything bright!!Enjoy!! Mary xx (always like a mention!http://www.folksy.com/shops/thefeltworks