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I am a jewellery and craft designer in Bristol. I specialise in handmade hammered sterling silver and copper jewellery, rustic earthy metal stamped jewellery. Name toe rings and textured rings

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


First baby giftchristening baby giftpersonalised baby pendantcustomized baby jewellerypersonalized baby giftFirst baby keepsake

I have made this little book pendant for a lady who recently came to my first jewellery teaching workshop. I know her mum and decided to make something as a surprise.

This is the final result. A little two page book in aluminium. I cut shaped filed and sanded the pages, punched holes, hammered the front page and stamped baby name and two hearts and hung an unusual sterling silver heart jump ring from the top.

I then on the second page stamped baby feet and date of birth and stamped a four leaved clover leaf for good luck for the future.

I am quite liking the pendant myself. It took me a while to design and work out what i wanted to do - practice makes perfect.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Stamped metal personalised bookmarks

Layla personalised aluminium bookmarkAluminium silver personalised bookmarkFAITH christian metal bookmarkCelestial sun star moon metal stamped bookmarkmum metal stamped bookmarkPrincess themed bookmark
princess crown bookmarkSpider personalized metal bookmarkFootball themed metal stamped bookmarkpuppy dog metal stamped bookmarkStar stamped metal bookmarkOWL i love reading metal stamped bookmark.
FAITH christian religious metal stamped bookmarkhammered metal bookmarkfaith stamped bookmarkGood Luck stamped metal bookmarkgood luck stamped metal bookmarkgood luck bookmark
Garden metal themed stamped bookmarkfootball metal stamped bookmark (2)football metal stamped bookmarkarachnid bookmarkbees dragonfly butterfly bookmarkDance Ballet stamped metal personalized bookmark

I have been busy for the last two weeks creating about 15 different metal stamped bookmarks with lots of different themes. I have really enjoyed making them and being creative in my thinking and hope you enjoy looking at them.

Let me know your thoughts or any other ideas or themes you may have.


Friday, 11 November 2011


I am so excited tonight.  I've just set up a new shop on WowThankYou.  Only 6 items listed so far though as new but will be adding to it gradually.  Its so easy to navigate too and there are no forums to go on! so just craft and put on, obviously promote too if you want your items to sell.

All i had to do was work out how to change pixel size of photos to upload. 

You see since setting up shop on Folksy i am becoming a techie. 
I had never blogged, never twittered, never facebooked,never chatted on forums, now i do all of it.

What a funny old world.


Metal stamped personalized bookmarks

I've been really busy this week using basic metalwork skills (new challenge) and have made some personalised bookmarks. 

I used 1mm aluminium metal sheet, cut,shaped,filed,sanded and metal stamped designs.  I plan the following designs.  Spiders,Religious,Hearts,Stars,Celestial,Butterflies,Princess crown with hammered framework,football,garden theme,dance,sleeping cat and paw,dog face and paw,best mom.  I am making up a whole batch so when i go to workplaces to sell jewellery i can do custom order and have them all out on display as i think they look better in a batch rather than odd ones - she says hopefully. 

Let me know what you think of my first few here.

I've also made this little aluminium stamped sleeping cat pendant with "shhhh" dont wake him theme.  Quite cute.  First effort okay and set on sterling silver chain.

I have given myself 2 days to finish off about another 6 designs and bead up the bookmarks then can list on my http://www.folksy.com/shops/LittleRedRobin shop.

Ta ra for now

Jenny x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Copper metal stamped whimsical plant herb markers for the garden

copper metal stamped garden herb plant markers

I love gardening but its been on the back burner for a while now as i've been so busy with jewellery making and family life.

However, i've purchased some metal design stamps and have made this set of whimsical style copper plant herb markers.   I used copper metal sheet handcut and shaped and stamped and oxidised herb names onto the plant markers.

I think they would look nice in the garden and make a great gift.   Let me know your thoughts?