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Monday, 6 June 2011

Wooden,tan and red coloured memory wire cuff bracelet

Okay, i admit it i stayed up rather late last night (1.30) as i got carried away with the jewellery again.  But i made this eyecatching wooden bead,red glass,orange, wooden rondelle bead memory wire cuff bracelet.  It is a custom order i think!  Someone admired one i had made a friend and said they want 3! but i made one with more rings on it as i havn't enough beads so am hoping she likes it otherwise it will be going onto my Folksy shop i think.

Do you like the colours, red is my favourite colour so i quite like it myself.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

How to make Swarovski cocktail ring jewellery tutorial

 So, a new idea here.  I have made a jewellery tutorial showing how to make a stunning Swarovski bicone cocktail ring, ideal for weddings, special occasions, prom nights or nights out.  A sparkling dress ring.  Can be made in any colour. 

You will need 37 Swarovski 6mm bicones of your choice. 37 4mm czech round beads complimentary colour, 38 delica seed beads complimentary colour and nymo thread,beading needle size 10 or 12 and sieve back adjustable ring and chain nose pliers.
 STEP 1 - Cut nymo thread about 36" and tie delica seed bead leave 3" tail. Bead through a hole in back of ring sieve plate add one 4mm czech bead,1 6mm swarovski bicone,1 delica seed bead.

 STEP 2 - Go back through swarovski bicone and czech bead into same hole you came up through do NOT go through delica bead.

STEP 3 - it should look like this.  Pull tight as you want your ring to be nice and taut not have all the beads floppy.  You need to pull tight between each set of these beads.

STEP4 - Bead around outside of ring or you could start from the middle if you prefer i like to do outside to get those beads as tight as i can then pack in the rest.  It does get hard to see the holes as you work into the centre.  

When you have gone through all holes you will need to secure on back of ring by weaving in and out of beads few times and tying off.  Then attaching the sieve ring to the base is fiddly, the trickiest bit.  I use long chain nose pliers to bend 4 little prongs on the back over carefully.

                               DAH DAH the finished product                               

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  Thanks x