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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sports teams Football Rugby Hockey gifts

New today.  Inspired by my son's love for Arsenal Football Club.  Sports teams metal stamped bookmarks.  I kept this plain with no hole punched or ribbon or beads and just stamped his favourite members of the team (not the whole reserves too!).  You could have a rugby team or even a family tree which i have done which is lovely gift.

I made one for my Aunt for Christmas with family names stamped down the bookmark with white ribbon and beads too.

I plan on making some toe rings for summer soon too so i will post them here when made.  Perhaps i will do a gallery of them.


Merry Christmas everyone x

Friday, 23 December 2011


New Year and new projects are going through my mind.  I think i am addicted to new projects.  This is a copper cuff ring i made last night with some 20 gauge copper sheet metal and a hammer and liver of sulphur to oxidise metal.  Gives the effect of a bark ring.  I think it looks different.  May try this out in sterling silver too. 

I've got some dapping tools dome block and new metal stamps lots of ideas, its sometimes knowing where to start as there is so much i wish to do. 

I feel like a need a gap year to get it all done.  So, i am planning some cuff rings in sterling silver and copper with stamped designs on next and one of my next projects will be to make some big hammered sterling silver hoop earrings or copper depending on what i have to hand at home.



Friday, 9 December 2011

copper rectangle earrings

Whipped up these urban copper rectangle earrings yesterday.

Bit different and i am beginning to use my stamping tools more and more in my jewellery designs. I love it.

These are cut, shaped, filed,sanded and spiral stamped and oxidised with liver of sulphur.

I have gone a bit mad and ordered doming and dapping tools and various other items which i shall be using next year.

Can't wait.

Ta ra


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Abalone,copper metal stamped oxidised charm bracelet

abalone bracelet by greensladejenny
abalone bracelet, a photo by greensladejenny on Flickr.

I have been experimenting with copper more and my metal stamps this week. I had some left over abalone and pearl beads and made this bracelet up and handcut 6 copper tags 3 hammered and 3 stamped with bee,dragonfly and butterfly to give a rustic look i also oxidised the copper so its not as orangey but have left the rounded copper beads unoxidised for contract.


customised copper hearts for Christmas Tree

I have created some customized copper hearts metal stamped and hammered with family names for a christmas tree.

I think they will look great on trees with rustic look. Ribbon colour can be changed on request.

This particular set is for my neice and i have stamped baby feet on Isaac heart as this is her baby's first christmas.

Available in our Folksy shop


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas metal stamped gift

stamped metal xmas tree giftPeace bauble xmasSanta christmas baubleChristmas baublesMetal stamped christmas baubles

I have been busy this morning creating these whimsical and unusual copper stamped christmas baubles.

I used some blank tags i had, drew up some christmas designs and stamped, hammered and oxidised them and used white ribbon for christmas peace.

If these do not sell i will be adding them to my own tree. I love them myself.

I am tempted to order a batch of 50 copper circles now and make up loads for my own tree all with different things on.


Tuesday, 22 November 2011


First baby giftchristening baby giftpersonalised baby pendantcustomized baby jewellerypersonalized baby giftFirst baby keepsake

I have made this little book pendant for a lady who recently came to my first jewellery teaching workshop. I know her mum and decided to make something as a surprise.

This is the final result. A little two page book in aluminium. I cut shaped filed and sanded the pages, punched holes, hammered the front page and stamped baby name and two hearts and hung an unusual sterling silver heart jump ring from the top.

I then on the second page stamped baby feet and date of birth and stamped a four leaved clover leaf for good luck for the future.

I am quite liking the pendant myself. It took me a while to design and work out what i wanted to do - practice makes perfect.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Stamped metal personalised bookmarks

Layla personalised aluminium bookmarkAluminium silver personalised bookmarkFAITH christian metal bookmarkCelestial sun star moon metal stamped bookmarkmum metal stamped bookmarkPrincess themed bookmark
princess crown bookmarkSpider personalized metal bookmarkFootball themed metal stamped bookmarkpuppy dog metal stamped bookmarkStar stamped metal bookmarkOWL i love reading metal stamped bookmark.
FAITH christian religious metal stamped bookmarkhammered metal bookmarkfaith stamped bookmarkGood Luck stamped metal bookmarkgood luck stamped metal bookmarkgood luck bookmark
Garden metal themed stamped bookmarkfootball metal stamped bookmark (2)football metal stamped bookmarkarachnid bookmarkbees dragonfly butterfly bookmarkDance Ballet stamped metal personalized bookmark

I have been busy for the last two weeks creating about 15 different metal stamped bookmarks with lots of different themes. I have really enjoyed making them and being creative in my thinking and hope you enjoy looking at them.

Let me know your thoughts or any other ideas or themes you may have.


Friday, 11 November 2011


I am so excited tonight.  I've just set up a new shop on WowThankYou.  Only 6 items listed so far though as new but will be adding to it gradually.  Its so easy to navigate too and there are no forums to go on! so just craft and put on, obviously promote too if you want your items to sell.

All i had to do was work out how to change pixel size of photos to upload. 

You see since setting up shop on Folksy i am becoming a techie. 
I had never blogged, never twittered, never facebooked,never chatted on forums, now i do all of it.

What a funny old world.


Metal stamped personalized bookmarks

I've been really busy this week using basic metalwork skills (new challenge) and have made some personalised bookmarks. 

I used 1mm aluminium metal sheet, cut,shaped,filed,sanded and metal stamped designs.  I plan the following designs.  Spiders,Religious,Hearts,Stars,Celestial,Butterflies,Princess crown with hammered framework,football,garden theme,dance,sleeping cat and paw,dog face and paw,best mom.  I am making up a whole batch so when i go to workplaces to sell jewellery i can do custom order and have them all out on display as i think they look better in a batch rather than odd ones - she says hopefully. 

Let me know what you think of my first few here.

I've also made this little aluminium stamped sleeping cat pendant with "shhhh" dont wake him theme.  Quite cute.  First effort okay and set on sterling silver chain.

I have given myself 2 days to finish off about another 6 designs and bead up the bookmarks then can list on my http://www.folksy.com/shops/LittleRedRobin shop.

Ta ra for now

Jenny x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Copper metal stamped whimsical plant herb markers for the garden

copper metal stamped garden herb plant markers

I love gardening but its been on the back burner for a while now as i've been so busy with jewellery making and family life.

However, i've purchased some metal design stamps and have made this set of whimsical style copper plant herb markers.   I used copper metal sheet handcut and shaped and stamped and oxidised herb names onto the plant markers.

I think they would look nice in the garden and make a great gift.   Let me know your thoughts?


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Little Red Robin Jewellery workshop day in Bristol

Today, Little Red Robin held their first Jewellery teaching workship in Warmley Community Centre, Bristol.  There were 7 students most who were new to jewellery making.

The students made some earrings using spiral headpins, eyepin connected earrings, hammered headpin beaded earrings using ball pein hammer and steel bench block (they enjoyed hammering the metal) and designed their own custom earrings too.

We then went onto making and designing a wired necklace with beadalon 7 strand wire some chose focal pendant and others symmetrical beaded necklaces to design.  We used crimps, crimp covers, wire guardian and findings to finish them off.

A short lunch break then back to our jewellery with the students finishing off with a copper or silver charm bracelet using techniques already learnt throughout the day. 

This was a very enjoyable day with all the students choosing lovely colour combinations and designing lovely items of jewellery. 

Next time i will take more photos with jewellery made by students and show as a gallery here on the blog. 

The bonus part of the day was that the community centre had an open day so tea,coffee and cakes were all available at any time!  and if you look closely you can see at the front of the picture my packet of cheese and onion crisps!

I hope the students enjoyed the day and that they may be inspired to be creative through jewellery or other hobbies (as some already do other crafts such as cardmaking and cross stitch) and return to future workshops i will run next year using other techniques.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day, it was quite relaxing, laid back and i was very impressed with their designing and colour combinations and their concentration to take it all in too, so well done to them all.

Jenny x

Monday, 3 October 2011


Hmmm i havn't blogged for ages now.  I have been busy with little jewellery ventures selling some jewellery.    Now i have a lull for 2 weeks and then my first jewellery teaching workshop aaaaargggh. 

I seem to have lost a bit of momentum with the Folksy clarification on "handmade" and "hand assembled".  Although our shop all bar one item was acceptable in our jewellery lines it has made myself and my twin sister think long and hard about what exactly we are going to make and design with our jewellery.

My jewellery started with 6 week jewellery course with different projects and so i have leaned towards beaded jewellery and some woven jewellery which i quite like too.  My sister has attended silversmith courses and enamel and her leaning is towards silversmith techniques which she will still be doing along with some other ideas she has.

I am now thinking along the lines of more metalwork in some of my jewellery cold connections but making my own from sheet metal to begin with and expanding my skills gradually.  All this requires new tools!  I do have a vision of what i hope to be able to achieve in say 6 months to 1 years time which is totally different to what i am doing now which i find challenging and quite exciting although i will keep my hand in with other techniques too.

I would also like to blog more frequently with tutorials and blog on my experiments too it just all takes time.

Hope to be back soon with more news


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Vintaj brass experimentation

I've been busy designing a new range of jewellery and the first one has lucite flowers in woodland colours with swarovski crystal inserts, little brass vintaj acorn and amber beads.

Vintaj natural brass is not antique plated or chemically treated.  It is nickel free and lead free compliant.

I riveted a nouveau vintaj brass fairy to a blank altered disc with butterfly and added little charms on top.

I am quite pleased with the result, vintage style,unusual and lovely for autumn.  I am tempted to make something for myself and have lots findings and brass and antique brass and antique silver items on order.  



Saturday, 30 July 2011

Swarovski toggle beaded and button lariat tutorial

 Materials i used: 1 Purple swarovski cosmic 20mm square "volcano"
Tan and cream buttons
Purple crackled glass 8mm beads
1mm diameter brown waxed cord

You could use any open toggle heart, swarovski cosmic circle, sterling silver hammered circle etc.  TIP make sure beads or buttons you are using will fit through the toggle. On this one i made my buttons smaller towards bottom of lariat so they would fit through. 

 Step 1 - Double over your 1mm waxed cord.  I had about 60 inches in total of cord doubled was 30.  Then thread two ends together through crystal and and back up through the loop of other end of cord (larkshead knot).

 STEP 2 - Make knot on one thread then add bead then tie another knot to secure in place.  I used stacked 3 buttons on other thread and knotted either side too.   

TIP if you have trouble fitting cord through bead cut end on a diagonal to make a point rather than straight across i used embroidery sharp scissors for this. If you use pearls you might need silk thread so look at your materials before starting.


  STEP 3 - Alternate on the threads with beads and stacked buttons.  I realised the buttons i was using were bigger than diameter of toggle so kept adjusted and made buttons small on second half of lariat so they would go through.  

TIP Make sure beads or buttons or crystals whatever you are using on end of lariat has enough weight on it and length to stay threaded through lariat toggle.  If you make short lariat and put little lightweight buttons they may come out!

Lariats can vary in length anything from 30 " to 50".  If you make longer one they can wrap around neck as choker and you could have the ends hanging down your back if you wear a nice backless dress for instance which looks unusual.  

I would probably make a lariat with sterling silver chain for that just buy flat cable chain 26" possibly and hang off crystal or pendant off centre with jump ring then on two ends add jump rings and 2 other crystals or beads or whatever you are using.  You can use chain,suede,organza and make other styles of LARIAT once you have made one.  Just use your imagination.  I finished off the end beds by just knotting twice under the bead this time and leaving small 1/2" cord.