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Sunday, 29 January 2012

How to make beaded bookmark tutorial

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bookmark craftgreen beaded bookmark

Here is a short tutorial showing how to make a beaded bookmark with some left over beads.

Thats it today folks!

Jenny x

Friday, 27 January 2012

Metal Design Stamp Choices

Sea themed metal design stampsHandprint/footprint children metal design stampsWeather and home metal design stampsspecial occasions metal design stampssports and hobbies metal design stampanimals and insects metal design stamp
Nature Metal Design StampsMetal Design StampsMetal Design Stamps Religious

Metal Design Stamp Choices, a set on Flickr.

Just updating today to everyone our latest and new metal design stamps which we will be using to make bookmark gifts, toe rings, name rings, message jewellery,word jewellery,name jewellery in the future.

Stamps are made from tempered steel high quality and can be oxidised on sterling silver and copper to make lovely pendants and gifts.

I am planning to make some sterling silver stud earrings with some of these metal stamps too which will be super cute.

The stamps can be used singly or in themes. I have just made one with my children's name on on a sterling silver one inch circle and handprints in the middle, going to oxidise it later and put on sterling silver chain.

Which are your favourite ones?

Jenny x

Handmade metal napkin rings

My new year's resolution was very long. Create new metal items for the home alongside our jewellery and create a new website.

The website is coming along not quite ready but these aluminium handmade napkin rings are!

I made these with 1mm aluminium sheet metal and you can have people's names or a word stamped on them. I have about (last counting) 65 metal design stamps (slightly obsessed with them i am afraid) and birds,bees,butterflies,hearts etc can be stamped on them otherwise.

I also produced a hammered plain napkin ring which is stunning and a novel textured bark one (my neice's favourite!).

Nice little gifts our sets of 4 in our Folksy shop are £12.00 and they make a novel gift for the home. Nice for formal dinner evenings or special occasions.

I am creating now some sterling silver hand stamped collage pendants which will be posted very soon. They have a whimsical look to them but are very unusual.

Back soon to post new goodies.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Love stamped toe ring

Love stamped ring by greensladejenny
Love stamped ring, a photo by greensladejenny on Flickr.

We have just started to make our popular sterling silver toe rings. This one has Love stamped on it but you can have a name or other word if you like. They make a geat overlooked jewellery accessory in spring,summer and autumn with the bonus of being able to wear them on your little finger in winter when your feet are all wrapped up.

Jenny x