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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Swarovski toggle beaded and button lariat tutorial

 Materials i used: 1 Purple swarovski cosmic 20mm square "volcano"
Tan and cream buttons
Purple crackled glass 8mm beads
1mm diameter brown waxed cord

You could use any open toggle heart, swarovski cosmic circle, sterling silver hammered circle etc.  TIP make sure beads or buttons you are using will fit through the toggle. On this one i made my buttons smaller towards bottom of lariat so they would fit through. 

 Step 1 - Double over your 1mm waxed cord.  I had about 60 inches in total of cord doubled was 30.  Then thread two ends together through crystal and and back up through the loop of other end of cord (larkshead knot).

 STEP 2 - Make knot on one thread then add bead then tie another knot to secure in place.  I used stacked 3 buttons on other thread and knotted either side too.   

TIP if you have trouble fitting cord through bead cut end on a diagonal to make a point rather than straight across i used embroidery sharp scissors for this. If you use pearls you might need silk thread so look at your materials before starting.


  STEP 3 - Alternate on the threads with beads and stacked buttons.  I realised the buttons i was using were bigger than diameter of toggle so kept adjusted and made buttons small on second half of lariat so they would go through.  

TIP Make sure beads or buttons or crystals whatever you are using on end of lariat has enough weight on it and length to stay threaded through lariat toggle.  If you make short lariat and put little lightweight buttons they may come out!

Lariats can vary in length anything from 30 " to 50".  If you make longer one they can wrap around neck as choker and you could have the ends hanging down your back if you wear a nice backless dress for instance which looks unusual.  

I would probably make a lariat with sterling silver chain for that just buy flat cable chain 26" possibly and hang off crystal or pendant off centre with jump ring then on two ends add jump rings and 2 other crystals or beads or whatever you are using.  You can use chain,suede,organza and make other styles of LARIAT once you have made one.  Just use your imagination.  I finished off the end beds by just knotting twice under the bead this time and leaving small 1/2" cord.



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